Ideal Growing Conditions

The ideal place for cactuses in winter is a rather damp greenhouse, but they will thrive in the window garden, so long as they never get frozen. Try to keep the night temperatures about 50 degrees. The drying of the soils under ordinary house conditions makes watering in winter a necessity. Placing them out in a greenhouse during the winter makes watering less necessary.

The window gardener must remember that although they are desert plants, they do not naturally grow in small pots which are sometimes exposed to warm, dry air.

The growth of the plants is improved if they are placed outdoors when all danger of frost is past in the early spring. Some gardeners like to remove the plants from their pots and place them in their garden. However, it is best to keep the plant in its container and to place the plant and pot together in the soil. This will minimize damage to the roots and make it easier to move the plant back into the house in the winter. When moving them outdoors in the summer, place them in a well-drained border, fully exposed to the sun, and with free circulation of air.

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