How To Grow Cactus and Succulents

For the gardener who has only a few odd minutes to spare for plant cultivation, growing cactuses and succulents as houseplants will give you a great amount of satisfaction. Cactus and succulents offer untold opportunities for growing in your home. Those who live in city apartments and who only have small rooms and shelves to grow plants on can easily accommodate two or three dozen cactuses where there would hardly be space for one good sized Boston fern or a couple starved geraniums.

Unlike most other houseplants, cactuses do not greatly resent it if you don’t water them on a regular cycle. They have no tender foliage to get damaged or that will fall off if conditions become unfavorable. They require less attention as far as repotting into larger containers as well. Their slow growth rate is another advantage for the gardener, as a large assortment of plants can be kept in the same small area for a number of years without becoming overcrowded.

Small succulents and cactuses are never in the way, and can be shifted about easily as necessity demands. They will also survive accidents and some degree of poor treatment. Cats and dogs can knock down your cactus, and they’ll live through it! Although, you should obviously avoid this kind of care. Of course, cactuses and succulents will give amazing returns with good treatment.

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